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Bible Heroes: Elijah and the Prophets Of Baal
Posted on Saturday, September 20 @ 21:44:33 PDT by Mr.Jason

  • Robbie
  • Elijah
  • Robbie: Hi! I'm Robbie! Today we are going to talk about (sing like a fanfare) Dun-da-da-da! A bible hero! His name was Elijah. He was what was called a Prophet. A prophet was someone God chose to tell people what He wanted them to hear. In the days of the Prophets, wa-y-y-y-y back in the Old Testament times, people didn't want to listen to God. They just wanted to do what they liked and some even worshipped a fake god named Baal. The followers of Baal hunted down and killed the prophets of God. I'm going to use my time traveling device and talk to Elijah himself.

    (A strange noise, Robbie's time machine is heard and Elijah appears.)

    Elijah: Robbie! So nice of you to drop in!

    Robbie: Hey, Elijah! How are you doing?

    Elijah: I've had a great day Robbie; A really great day!

    Robbie: Well why don't you tell me about it. Oh wait, first I have a gift for you. It's a treat! Here.

    Elijah: Um... Thanks Robbie. What is that?

    Robbie: They're Skittles. I thought you might like some. I've offered them to my friends Duke and Jenna but they must not have been very hungry.

    Elijah: Hmm... They appear to be stuck together and covered with some kind of a furry substance.

    Robbie: Oh, that's just a little pocket fuzz. I've been keeping them in my pocket. They are so much easier to carry around when they're all stuck together like this. Plus you get to taste all the flavors at once.

    Elijah: Very clever, Robbie. Listen, why don't I tell you about my exciting day first and then we'll see about your Skittles.

    Robbie: Ok, Elijah. Tell me what happened.

    Elijah: Well, there I was on Mount Carmel.

    Robbie: Hold on Elijah, you know where there is a whole mountain made out of Caramel?

    Elijah: Heh heh. No Robbie. This is a place called Mount Carmel not Caramel. Mount Carmel is a Mountain in Israel where I come from.

    Robbie: Oh. Well, if you ever find mount caramel, let me know. I love caramel.

    Elijah: Anyway... I was there and was surrounded by 500 prophets of Baal. They were leaders of the followers of Baal, a fake god the people made up.

    Robbie: A fake God, what do you mean, Elijah?

    Elijah: Fake means not real. The people stopped believing and trusting in our God and started believing in a god they had made themselves. They called him Baal.


    Robbie: So you were surrounded. What did you do?

    Elijah: I challenged them to a contest; A contest to see who had the real God once and for all. We had an altar there which is where you set a sacrifice for God in the days of the Old Testament. I told them to set a sacrifice on their altar and without lighting a fire, call on their god Baal to burn it up. I told them they had all day to try it.

    Robbie: Wow. Did they accept the challenge?

    Elijah: Yes they did, Robbie. They tried all day long, shouting, screaming, yelling and doing every outrageous thing they could think of to try to get Baal's attention. I sat back and laughed. I even made fun of them.

    Robbie: Really? What did you say?

    Elijah: I said "Maybe your god is sleeping. Yell louder and you can wake him up!" and "Maybe your God is traveling. Maybe he is on vacation and can't take time to listen to you right now." This made them really mad but they just kept trying to get Baal to burn up their offering.

    Robbie: So did it ever burn?

    Elijah: No, Robbie, it didn't. I watched as they finally gave up and I knew it was my turn. I told some of the men to bring lots of water and dump it all over the offering. They dumped so much water on it the water covered it and overflowed onto the ground. My offering was soaking wet. Then I prayed.

    Robbie: Cool. So are you ready for a Skittle break? Their starting to turn my hand all the colors of the rainbow.

    Elijah: Not now, Robbie. I'm getting to the most important part of the story. You won't believe it.

    Robbie: Well, Ok. So your altar was soaking wet?

    Elijah: Yes. And so I prayed. I said (Bowing head.) "God, This is Elijah. I know you are the only God. Prove to these people that You are real by burning up this soaking wet wood and offering." Then I stepped back and fire came out of the sky. It burned up the wood, the offering and all the water so that the altar was dry and bare. God really torched it!

    Robbie: Wow! So did everyone believe when they saw that? I sure would have!

    Elijah: You bet they did, Robbie. They all realized Baal was a fake and boy were his prophets in a lot of trouble. They ran for their life. The rest of the people felt ashamed for worshipping Baal.

    Robbie: Wow. All that happened today?

    Elijah: Yes. It was quite a day. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get some sleep.

    Robbie: Ok. Well thanks for letting me know what happened Elijah. That was a really cool story. Action packed! I better get going too. (We hear the sound of Robbie's Time Travel Device again.) Wow! What an adventure. I like that Elijah! Oh no. I forget about the Skittles. Well, guess I'll just put them in my pocket for another day. See ya!

    The end!