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Bible Heroes: Elisha and the Widow
Posted on Saturday, September 20 @ 21:42:51 PDT by Mr.Jason

  • Robbie
  • Elisha
  • Widow
  • Widow's Son
  • Props:
  • Jars and containers of all sorts.


  • Robbie: Hi! I'm Robbie! Today we are going to talk about (sing like a fanfare) Dun-da-da-da! A bible hero! Our hero's name was Elisha. Now don't get him confused with Elijah. Remember Elijah was the one who challenged the prophets of Baal to a contest. Then God took him away in a fiery chariot. Today's hero was Elijah's student and friend, Elisha. We are going to learn how he helped a poor widow who was in a sticky situation. Let's listen and watch!

    (Exit Robbie, enter Elisha and Widow.)

    Widow: Elisha! Elisha! What am I going to do?

    Elisha: I don't know. What are you going to do? Keep running like that and you just might trip and fall!

    Widow: Oh Elisha, it's so horrible! So awful! I just don't know what to do.

    Elisha: Well, just settle down now, ma'am and tell me all about it. What's put the bee in your bonnet?

    Widow: A bee! Where? I'm scared to death of bees! (Tries to hide behind Elisha.)

    Elisha: Now, now, lady! Pull yourself together. There's no be. I just wondered what's got your dander up?

    Widow: Dandruff? Look, I know my hair isn't perfect but I haven't had even a flake of dandruff since I started using Shed and Boulders shampoo. Now why are you hassling me about dandruff when I am so obviously upset.

    Elisha: (Groans) Oy vey. Look Miss Widow, just tell me what's the matter. Please?

    Widow: Well, it's about time you asked! Now, my husband died a couple years ago and since then we have had very little money so now we owe so much money that a man said if we don't pay he will take my son away from me and make him a slave. What will I do without my Junior! (Cries) wa ha ha ha!!!

    Elisha: Don't you worry little lady, I've got an idea. God always provides. Now have you got anything that you could sell to raise some money?

    Widow: Only a small pitcher of oil. It is all we have.

    Elisha: Boy, your not giving me much to work with. Don't you have a car or a TV or something that you could sell.

    Widow: Of course not, Elisha! You know those things haven't been invented yet.

    Elisha: Oh, yeah.

    Widow: Aside from the house, the oil is it. And you thought you had problems!

    Elisha: Well, here's what you do. Go around to all your neighbors houses and the local businesses and anywhere else you can and ask to borrow their jugs, jars and containers. Even Tupperware if you can get it!


    Widow: Ok. Then what? Fill them with water and invent the worlds first Soda shop?

    Elisha: Nah, that's plan B. Take your pitcher of oil and keep pouring it until it fills up all the containers.

    Widow: But mine is just a puny little pitcher. How am I going to fill up all those containers?

    Elisha: You've just got to trust me on this one, Miss Widow. Just keep pouring. Get that boy of yours to help you.

    Widow: Are you sure we can't just open a Soda shop instead?

    Elisha: Pretty sure.

    (Exit Elisha and Widow, Enter Robbie.)

    Robbie: So the widow did what Elisha suggested. Her and her son, Junior went all over the neighborhood getting pitchers, jugs, bottles and containers. Even Tupperware! Pretty soon, Miss Widow and Junior were back home.

    (Exit Robbie. Enter Widow and Widow's Son.)

    Widow: Now junior, you hold the containers while I pour, OK?

    Junior: Sure ma. But like, how you gonna get these dudes to keep from making me their slave. I don't do windows you know. I like don't even know how to clean a toilet!

    Widow: Son, we have to trust that God will take care of us. Now hush up and hold that container like a good little boy.

    Junior: Mom, Hello! I'm 25! I stopped being a little boy a long time ago!

    Widow: Don't talk back to your poor mother. Oy, what a son! (The widow moves around from container to container filling them with her pitcher.)

    Junior: Um. Mom, I know you told me to hush up and all but I have a scientific question.

    Widow: Yes Junior. What is it?

    Junior: Ok, there is like so totally no way that your pitcher could fill this many containers. What's the trick. You doing this with mirrors or somethin'?

    Elisha: No, Junior. It's the Lord! God has increased our oil so we can sell it. Now we can sell it and make plenty of money to keep you from being a slave and for us to live on for many years. God is so good!

    Junior: Righteous!

    (Exit Widow and Widow's Son. Enter Robbie.)

    Robbie: So there you have it. Elisha told the widow what God wanted her to do and even though it seemed a little strange at first, she did it. In the end, it saved her and her son. Just goes to show that God is always in charge!

    The end!