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   Fruit of the Spirit: The Fruits of the Spirit Part 7: Faithfulness


Duke: Dude, I'm never going to get through this stinking assignment!

Robbie: What's the matter?

Duke: Aw. Hey Rob. It's English. My English teacher said I had to write 5 sentences using the word "faithfulness." Dude! I don't even know what it means! And my mom said I can't go for ice cream until I am done with my homework!

Robbie: Well, this is your lucky day, Duke!

Duke: Yeah?

Robbie: Yep! You see, Duke, faithfulness is one of the fruits of the spirit! We can help you with your homework a-a-a-a-a-a-and teach the kids the next fruit of the spirit.

Duke: Well, cool beans Bud! Let's rock!

Robbie: OK, kids, here is the way we'll do this. Every time you see me give the signal, you say "faithfulness!" Let's try it out, here's the signal! (Opens mouth wide and waits expectantly.)

Duke: OK, first sentence.

Robbie: The dog showed (GIVES SIGNAL -- KIDS SHOUT "FAITHFULNESS") by sitting and waiting for the boy to get home from school.

Duke: Got it! Hey, Rob? How did the dog show faithfulness?

Robbie: Oh, well by waiting for his owner, the boy to get home. The dog could have been romping and playing or chewing a bone but instead he waited patiently for his boy to get home because he knew playing with him would be more fun than any of those things.

Duke: Oh, cool. I think I am getting a feel for what faithfulness means.

Robbie: Next sentence. Now remember kids, help me out when you see me give the signal. Because of her (GIVES SIGNAL -- KIDS SHOUT "FAITHFULNESS") , Jenna stood next to her friend even when she was in trouble.

Duke: Good one, Rob! How does faithfulness come into play here?

Robbie: Well, by sticking with her friend, even through the bad times, Jenna was a faithful friend. She stayed friends with her through good times and bad.

Duke: Ok. I think I am getting it. Let me do the next one! Bob showed his ... Rob, give 'em the signal! (GIVES SIGNAL -- KIDS SHOUT "FAITHFULNESS") by giving some of his weekly allowance to his church but he used the rest to buy skittles and Spider Man comic books. How's that?

Robbie: Pretty good, Duke. Faithfulness is also when you do something that is not always easy to do because it doesn't make sense to others. Giving away money to the church when you could use it for stuff you want might look weird or silly to some people, but it makes Jesus happy when we give to His work. It is one way to show your faithfulness.

Duke: Ok Rob. I am on a roll bud. Listen to this! Duke showed his righteous, awesome, totally-cool ... Rob, give 'em the signal! (GIVES SIGNAL -- KIDS SHOUT "FAITHFULNESS") by going to church anyway when he was sleepy on Sunday morning because he stayed up watching the late, late monster movie marathon! Hahahahaha!

Robbie: That's great Duke! But is that sentence really true?

Duke: Ch'ya! I never miss King Kong vs Godzilla! Kong rocks, bud!

Robbie: I see. That's a good example of faithfulness. Sometimes there are things we would rather be doing than serving God and going to church. But when we go anyway it is pleasing to God! It shows that we are faithful to Him!

Duke: Ok, so 1, 2, 3, 4. Awright, I only need 1 more sentence! Here goes. We can show our ... Rob, give 'em the signal! (GIVES SIGNAL -- KIDS SHOUT "FAITHFULNESS") by telling others about Jesus!

Robbie: Duke! That's a masterpiece! It's your best sentence yet! Tell us how that shows faithfulness!

Duke: Well Rob, in the Bible in Romans Chapter 1 Verse 16 it says "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is the power of God to save everyone that believes!" so to me that says even when people make fun of you for being a Christian, you need to stand up for Jesus. He died for us so it's the least we can do!

Robbie: You said it, Duke!

Duke: Hey Rob... I'm all done with my homework! You know what that means it's time for!

Robbie: ICE CREAM!!!!

Duke: Yeah Buddy, Woo Hoo!!

(Both exit)

The End