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  Fruit of the Spirit: The Fruits of the Spirit Overview (part 10)


Robbie: Well, Duke. We finally made it to the end of our study about the Fruits of the Spirit.

Duke: Yeah, buddy. And you know what Rob?

Robbie: What, Duke?

Duke: If you say the Fruit of the spirit, I can tell you what each of them means... in my own way of course.

Robbie: This should be interesting. OK, lets do it. Kids, can you help me out? (Wait for response.) Great! Ok, the first fruit of the spirit is: (Love) That's right, love!

Duke: Ok, love is not just that mooshy, gooshy feeling you get when Judy giggles when you walk by. No way! Love is totally choosing to give everything you have for others. Just the way Jesus loved us by dying on the cross for our sins.

Robbie: Good job Duke! Ok, next fruit is... (Joy) Joy is right! Duke?

Duke: I'm all over it, bud. Joy is so totally not just being giddy and happy all the time. Joy comes from a right relationship with God. We can choose to be joyful and when we do, He fills us with happiness that won't go away so that even when you wipe out on your surfboard, you know another perfect wave is coming in!

Robbie: Nice surfing analogy. Ok. So next fruit is: (Peace) Yep. Tell us about peace, Duke.

Duke: This kind of peace has nothing to do with pizza. Ha ha. Get it? A "peace" of pizza? Ha! Pizza is my favorite fruit, you know. Anyway, peace is a calmness that we have because we know God is in control. We know we're gonna be OK because He's the man... er, the God.

Robbie: You're 3 for 3. What's next, kids? (Patience) Go for it Duke!

Duke: Patience is when you can wait for stuff without getting upset. You know, they say good things come to those who wait but I think even gooder stuff comes to those who are patient.

Robbie: Gooder? Duke, gooder isn't a word, it's better, not gooder.

Duke: Careful, Rob. Don't lose your patience, HA!

Robbie: Very funny. What's the next one, kids? (Kindness) Yep. Kindness.

Duke: Kindness is choosing to be nice to others instead of being mean. For example, you could put whipped cream in your buddies' shoes but that would not be kind. If you told your bud when his shoe was untied because you didn't want him to trip, that would be kindness. By the way, Rob, your shoe is untied. Ha Ha! Made you look!

Robbie: That wasn't very kind!

Duke: Sorry, Rob.

Robbie: Ok, 4 more to go. Next is... (goodness). That's right, goodness! Duke?

Duke: Goodness is choosing to do good things instead of bad things. It's not just the things you do but the things you think and say too. Like, instead of telling a naughty joke, you can tell a clean one or better yet, just forget the jokes and tell someone about Jesus! That's as good as it gets!

Robbie: Good, Duke! OK kids, getting close to the end! What's the next fruit? (faithfulness) Faithfulness. This is a tough one, eh Duke?

Duke: Yeah, buddy! Let me think... I got it! Faithfulness is when you stick with God even when it's not the cool thing to do. Like when I stay up late Saturday night watching Godzilla movies on TV, I don't much feel like getting up for church but I do anyway because I want to be faithful to God! After all, God is always faithful to me and he never lets me down.

Robbie: Next one starts with a 'G.' Know what it is, kids? (Gentleness) Nice job!

Duke: Gentleness is choosing not to be rough with others. We need to treat others with respect and the love of Jesus. That's why we are not supposed to fight or use bad language. Those things really bug God. He likes us to be gentle!

Robbie: And last but not least... It rhymes with "Elf Patrol." (Self-Control) Awright! Take it away Duke!

Duke: Where do you want me to take it? Ha ha! Jus' kiddin'. Self-Control is choosing to resist temptation. Say I want to watch this PG-13 rated movie but mom or dad says 'No way, Jose!' but when I are over at my bud's house he has rented it an' he says, "Hey Dukester, let's check out this movie!" If I say "Sorry, bud but mom and dad don't want me watchin' this flick." then I am using self-control. It's tough to do but God will help us resist temptation. Says so in His book.

Robbie: And what is God's book called? (The Bible) That's right! The Bible. Well, I have had a lot of fun learning about the fruits of the spirit with you. And so has Duke. But before we go, Duke, I have a question for you.

Duke: Sure. Shoot.

Robbie: Well, when you started telling us about each of the fruits, for a bunch of them, you said that we needed to choose to do them. Don't we just automatically get the fruits of the spirit when we accept Jesus?

Duke: Nope. I wish it was that way but it's not. We need to pray every day to show the fruits of the Spirit. Jesus said that others will know we belong to him by our "fruit." That means the things we do. We need to choose to show the Fruits of the spirit and if we pray for help, God will help us to show them.

Robbie: Cool. See you soon!

Duke: Bye, buds!

The End