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Christian Living: When We Grow Up


Robbie: (Enters.) Hi! I'm Robbie. Today I'm here with my friend Regina...

Reggie: Call me Reggie.

Robbie: Ok. Today I am here with my friend Reggie and we are talking about the important things in life. I was just about to ask her a very important question.

Reggie: K. So spill it, Rob.

Robbie: Reggie, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Reggie: Whoa. Rob, it's like first thing in the morning here and your going to ask me a question like that. Bud, I haven't even had my second Mountain Dew yet this morning.

Robbie: Sorry.

Reggie: S'OK, bud. Let's see. When I grow up. You know, I've thought about this a lot and I think when I get outta school I am going to spend a year or two finding myself.

Robbie: Finding yourself? But you're sitting right here next to me!

Reggie: No, man that's not what I mean. I mean what my mom and dad did. Before they met, right after they got out of school, they each spent a couple years just kinda bummin' around, you know, lookin' for adventure and not really caring much about the law an' stuff like that.

Robbie: Oh. So what do your parents do now?

Reggie: Well, my mom is a lawyer and like, my dad is a judge.

Robbie: So they decided they cared about the law after all?

Reggie: Somethin' like that. So that's my plan bud. I'm gonna head west and look for my true self. So what about you?

Robbie: It's all right here in the Bible!

Reggie: Aw man! Here we go again. Every time I talk to you, it eventually leads to you gettin' out the "Good Book." When am I going to learn? So what does the Bible like have to say about what to do when you grow up?

Robbie: Well, there's good information in the Bible about everything and for everyone, not just for adults. What I was thinking about specifically, though, Reggie was the book of Acts.

Reggie: Axe? That sounds pretty cool. Who was Axe, was he like a professional wrestler or maybe a Bible-times Jimi Hendrix kinda rock star? You know, like sometimes people call a guitar an "axe?"

Robbie: (Totally perplexed.) Huh? No, Reggie. Not A-X-E! The book of Acts. A-C-T-S as in actions. Sometimes it is called the Acts of the Apostles but mostly it is about Peter and Paul. I want to be like them when I grow up. They were right in tune with what God wanted in their lives.

Reggie: Peter and Paul?

Robbie: Yeah. They were two leaders of the group of believers right after Jesus rose from the dead. The book of Acts tells how His followers went out and told others about Jesus. It's really a great book!

Reggie: Sounds pretty good!

Gramps: (Enters) What you two youngsters talking about?

Robbie: What we want to be when we grow up.

Gramps: Oh. Heh heh. That's a pretty tough question. What did you decide.

Reggie: Well, I'm going to like find myself before I settle down and get like a day job.

Robbie: And I want to be a traveling evangelist just like the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts!

Gramps: Heh heh. Well, you have lots of time to think about it and you might change your mind 100 times between now and when you grow up.

Reggie: Rob was sayin' that we should try to be just like the guys in this book of Acts. What did they do for a living anyway?

Gramps: Well, the people in the book of Acts did a lot of different things to make a living but the one thing they all did was follow Jesus! They tried to do everything that He would want them to do and the world was never quite the same.

Robbie: Wow. That's awesome! So does it really matter what we do for a living?

Gramps: Not really, Robbie. As we find out when we read the Book of Acts, the only thing that matters is that we trust in Jesus and follow Him and whatever we do, we should do it for His glory.

Reggie: So, Gramps, one question?

Gramps: What's that, missie?

Reggie: Can I like follow Jesus and still try to find myself after I graduate? Finding myself sounds so totally fun!

Gramps: (Shakes head and chuckles.) Heh heh! Kids!