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Holidays: Tricked for Treats! (A Halloween story about sharing)

Jenna: Hi Robbie. How are you?

Robbie: Pretty good Jenna. How about you?

Jenna: Great! I love this time of the year. Pretty fall leaves and I get to wear my new coat cause itís starting to get cooler. Thanksgiving is coming up and I canít wait until all the family gets together at Grandmaís for dinner.

Robbie: Yeah, I like it too. Especially this week. Trick or treating is the best thing since Game Boy Advanced! Did you go?

Jenna: Nope. I decided to go to Shellyís party instead. It was a lot of fun. I dressed up as a firefighter.

Robbie: Thatís cool.

Jenna: What did you dress up as?

Robbie: Which time?

Jenna: Which time? This year! This Halloween!

Robbie: Oh... well I dressed up as ... lots of different things.

Jenna: I donít get it.

Robbie: Well, first... I dressed up like a ghost, you know... I took a sheet out of the closet and cut eye holes so I could see.

Jenna: Yeah...

Robbie: I ran around the neighborhood and I went to every house and grabbed all the candy I could. Then I ran home and put on black pants, a black shirt and a black wool cap and told everybody I was a little black rain cloud... you know, like Winnie the Pooh? (SINGS) Iím Just a little black raincloud...

Jenna: Waitaminnit! You went out twice trick-or-treating?

Robbie: No... of course not.

Jenna: Whew! Good.

Robbie: I went out 4 times.

Jenna: What!?! 4 Times? No way could you eat that much candy. What did you do with it all?

Robbie: Well, I ate half of it and hid the rest from my baby brother in my sock drawer.

Jenna: Your sock drawer?

Robbie: Believe me Jenna, nobody would want to look in there.

Jenna: I see. Robbie! How could you?!

Robbie: Well, I just pulled the drawer open, held my nose and put the candy into...

Jenna: No! Thatís not what I mean. How could you dress up all those times and take all that candy and not feel guilty.

Robbie: Guilty? Whatís that? is that kind of like feeling sick? I felt sick for a little while after those 16 bags of M&Mís and those 20 rolls of Smarties. I got over it though. Hey, Jenna! Did you know, I found out I can fit 23 milk duds in my mouth, wanna see?

Jenna: No! No, thatís OK, Robbie I believe you. Look, Robbie, donít you think that going out to get all that candy in 4 different costumes was... wrong?

Robbie: I donít know. I like candy and nobody suspected that I was the same person lots of times. They would have given that candy to somebody anyway... so why not me?

Jenna: Robbie, I just think it was a little dishonest. You kinda tricked those people into giving you the candy. Didnít they start recognizing you after a while?

Robbie: Well, they started to when I ran out of costumes and just went as a little kid wearing a baseball cap.

Jenna: Robbie!

Robbie: What?!

Jenna: Iím just a little disappointed in what you did.

Robbie: You know Jenna, actually, now that you mention it, I do feel a little bit bad about it. There might have been kids that didnít get any candy because of me.

Jenna: (Sing-song-y ) May-be.

Robbie: Gosh Jenna... I feel really awful.

Jenna: Too many milk duds probably.

Robbie: No... I mean I feel like I did something bad by taking all that candy. I think... I think I need to pray about it.

Jenna: Ok Robbie. Go ahead.

(Bow heads.)

Robbie: God, this is Robbie. I just wanted to say that I am really sorry about the candy incident. I was being greedy and selfish. Please forgive me. Oh and please forgive Jenna because I donít think she means it. Amen.

Jenna: That was a nice prayer, Robbie. But why did you pray for me.

Robbie: You have been standing on my foot since we started talking and it was really getting painful.

Jenna: (Jumps back) Oh! Sorry about that! So what are you going to do now.

Robbie: Probably limp around for a few days but Iíll be ok.

Jenna: No, about the candy. What are you going to do to make it right?

Robbie: Iím going to give it away. In fact, there is a new church down the road. Iíll bet there are lots of other kids that go there. I think I will give it to them. You know, Crossroads Church of the Nazarene? Maybe they can use it.

Jenna: I heard they are having a fun fair tonight. Maybe we can go and give them the candy and join the fun.

Robbie: Cool! Letís go!