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 Bible Heroes: Bible Hero Cards

Props: Hand-drawn pictures of Jacob & Esau, Moses, Ruth and Gideon on 3 inch x 5 inch index cards. (Begin with Duke on stage by himself surrounded by drawings of Bible Heroes on index cards.)

Duke: Dude! I am such a genius! I am going to make a fortune and like be able to retire before I turn 20!

Robbie: (Enters. Notices cards.) Wow Duke! What are you up to?

Duke: Oh hey Rob. I am like so busy. I had a brainstorm that is going to make us a million dollars for sure!

Robbie: Us? What are you talking about Duke?

Duke: Well, I am going to let you be my partner. You'll get like half of the fortune. You gotta work for it though.

Robbie: Back up for a minute, Duke!

Duke: Why, am I like standing too close? Sorry, I had pizza with extra onions for breakfast and totally forgot my breath mints. I'll try not to breathe on you.

Robbie: I don't mean back up as in move away, I mean back up in what you're telling me about. What is your million dollar brainstorm?

Duke: Well, Rob. You remember a few weeks ago I became a Christian?

Robbie: Of course I remember, Duke that was a big deal. But what does it have to do with making money?

Duke: Plenty. See before I was a Christian, I never understood why people had those fish shaped things on their cars and wore those WWJD bracelets. It stands for "What Would Jesus Do" but I thought it stood for "Whoah! We're Jammin' Dudes!"

Robbie: Why would you think that?

Duke: Cause that's what I used to say a lot when my buds and I would practice in my garage. We had a band and sometimes I would say "Whoah! We're Jammin' Dudes!" 'Course, nobody could hear me because the guitars were way too loud an...

Robbie: Sorry I asked, Duke. Would you get to the point?

Duke: I really like following Jesus. And I liked learning about all those Bible dudes with you but there's something else I am learning. Christians love to buy stuff!

Robbie: Oh Brother.

Duke: Yeah, we're all brothers and sisters in Christ! Preach it, Rob!

Robbie: OK, so you want to sell stuff to Christians? What does this have to do with WWJD or these cards?

Duke: Well, people bought all that stuff with WWJD on it. I figure the next big thing... Dude, are you ready for this?

Robbie: Yes, Duke! What?! What?! What?! Spit it out!

Duke: The next big thing is... Duhn duh da da! (As in fanfare) Duke's Waycool, Awesome Bible Hero Collector Cards!

Robbie: You've got to be kidding me.

Duke: No. Now hang one, Rob. You're my business partner so I want you to be the first to see these limited edition cards!

Robbie: Limited edition?

Duke: Yeah, I can only make 'em until I like run out of index cards. Then I'll have to get more from my mom's recipe box. Check out this one! (Points to the Jacob Card)

Robbie: It's a recipe for Chicken With Dumplings!

Duke: No, dude, read the other side of the card.

Robbie: Oh. It says "Jacob and Esau with a bowl of stew."

Duke: Yeah buddy. How about the art work on that one. Can I draw or not. I mean, just how cool is that. Ha!

Robbie: Don't ask. You've also got Ruth and Naomi, Moses with the 10 Commandments and Gideon with his army?

Duke: Yep and it's only the beginning.

Robbie: Um. These are real nice Duke but why would people want to buy them.

Duke: Isn't it obvious? These cards are going to teach them all about the heroes of the Bible. Besides, If people bought the WWJD bracelets and those little metal fish stickers, they're sure to buy these waycool, beaudacious cards!

Robbie: Sure, Duke. Look, I think you may have gotten the wrong message from our talks about Bible heroes. I've been trying to teach the kids that these Bible heroes all had 2 things in common.

Duke: Ok, let me see if I can guess. The first thing was, they had way-out, crazy, weird names. And the second was they would all look totally cool on my home-made Bible Hero collector cards!

Robbie: (Sounding like a game show buzzer) Bzzzt! Wrong! No. The 2 things that all Bible heroes had in common is that they were all normal people like you, me and the kids! And second, they all put their trust in God even when things got tough.

Duke: Oh. Well, like yeah. That's what I meant.

Robbie: And there's one other thing, Duke. One other thing they had in common. Do you know what it is?

Duke: Naw. Spill it, Rob. What did they else have in common?

Robbie: God helped them. Each and every one. He helped Rahab, he helped Ruth, he helped David and Joshua. Every last one of them were heroes because of what God did for them. All they had to do was trust Him.

Duke: Whoah. I get it. It's kinda like you can snowboard. But like if there's no snow, you're just going to stand there and look stupid. And then all the babes are going to laugh at you...

Robbie: Huh?

Duke: Ya know. Like, you can't snowboard with no snow. Otherwise you are just standing there strapped to a snowboard and bindings with nothing to do. That's like what you're saying... you can't do amazing, awesome, cool stuff without God.

Robbie: Oh. Since you put it that way, yeah. That's what I'm saying.

Duke: So I guess I had the wrong idea with these cards, huh.

Robbie: Well, I wouldn't try to sell them. But making them was OK. Actually, they are kinda nice. Hey, why don't we make some more, a whole set and then we can use them to share the story of the Bible heroes with our friends.

Duke: Now that's a cool idea, Rob. Let's grab the markers and make some hero cards!

Robbie: Sounds good. (As they exit) I'm going to draw one of me and Rahab eating pancakes! Remember that time...