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Stories of Jesus: Jesus: His Baptism

Squeaks the Porcupine
Bag (supposedly contains marshmallows.)

(Robbie and Duke are sitting side by side.)

Robbie: Ah, Duke. I tell you, there is nothing like camping to help me relax right before school starts.

Duke: I know just what you mean, bud. It is so totally cool just sitting here roasting marshmallows around the campfire, checkin' out all the stars in the sky and thinking about nothin' at all.

Robbie: Yeah. Of course, whenever I am out camping like this, it reminds me of the woods.

Duke: Ch'ya! Like of course it does, Rob. We're in the woods aren't we? Otherwise I am telling these mosquitoes to get off my turf!

Robbie: Yeah, of course we're in the woods, but the woods reminds of the wilderness.

Duke: Uh-huh.

Robbie: (Excited.) And the wilderness reminds me of John the Baptist!

Duke: Um... you just lost me, Bud. Who's John the Baptist?

Robbie: He was a man who lived at the same time as Jesus. It tells about him in the Bible!

Duke: (Sighs.) How did I know this was going to be a Bible Story? Rob, let's review for a minute, 'k? You and I are on Vacation... you know VAY-KAY-SHUN! Remember what I said a minute ago?

Robbie: You said you were going to tell the mosquitoes to get off your turf...

Duke: Naw, naw, man! Before that. I said it's great since we are going to start school pretty soon to sit here under the stars and think about... fill in the blank, Sherlock?

Robbie: I don't remember. Kids? What did Duke say he wanted to think about?

Duke: Yeah buddy! Nothing! So why are you making me think about the Bible while I'm relaxing.

Robbie: Duke, Duke, Duke.

Duke: What, what, what?

Robbie: What's a campfire without a really great story? Besides, you don't have to think, you just have to listen.

Duke: Hmmm. I don't know...

Robbie: C'mon Duke! Don't you want to hear about Jesus and John the Baptist?.

Duke: Well. Ok, but the minute I start havin' to think about anything, I am cuttin' you out, bud. I am going to put on my headphones and crank some tunes til I can't hear you no more!

Robbie: Fair enough. Now. Once there was a guy named John the Baptist. He was called that because he baptized people by dunking them in the water.

Duke: Cool! Did he like shout "Wet Head! Wet Head! Ha Ha!"

Robbie: Not exactly, Duke. John the Baptist told people about the coming Messiah, the chosen One of God who would come from out of nowhere to be the leader of all the Jews. He always wondered who the Messiah would be but John knew he would recognize him when He saw him.

Duke: Cool. So what was this John dude like?

Robbie: He was a little... different. He had really long, wild hair and he ate grasshoppers and wild honey for every meal. He lived out in the woods... the wilderness... all alone.

Duke: Whoa! He ate grasshoppers? Ok, I like never want to hear you complain about that purple ketchup I put on my veggie burgers, Bud. At least I'm not eatin' grasshopper burgers!

Robbie: They probably would taste like chicken. Anyway, he became really popular with the people for his preaching and because he baptized so many people. He would stand and shout at everyone (Shouts) "Repent! Repent!"

Duke: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Rob... Hey! Quiet down, bud. You're gonna wake up some kind of scary critters or somethin'! I appreciate you gettin' into your storytelling and all but come on!

Robbie: Sorry. Where was I? (A squeak is heard in the background) What was that?

Duke: Hopefully not anything that eats monkeys named Duke!

Robbie: Anyway, back to my story. So one day, John was baptizing the people and Jesus showed up to be baptized too!

Duke: Whoa!

Robbie: Yeah! That's what John thought too! He said that Jesus should baptize him instead but Jesus insisted. Just as Jesus went under the water and came back out, the sky opened up and the Holy Spirit came down like a dove and landed on Jesus! And then, a voice from heaven called out "This is my Son in whom I am pleased."

Duke: Ok, so at this point John is like freaking out, right?

Robbie: Well, it doesn't say that in the Bible but it does say that John knew right then and there that this was the one and only Messiah, the chosen leader of Israel!

Duke: Boss! So that's the story, huh? (The squeak is heard again.)

Robbie: Um... yeah. Duke, I think we'd better go back in the house and forget this camping stuff. Mom is probably still awake and she said we could sleep in my room if we changed our mind.

Duke: Dude! I have so totally changed my mind. Let's get outta here!

Robbie: You said it!

(They exit leaving the sack of marshmallows. Pause, then the porcupine appears.)

Squeaks the Porcupine: Heh heh! Marshmallows! Allright! Works every time! Ha ha ha! (Leaves with the bag of marshmallows.)

The End