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Stories of Jesus: Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha


Robbie: (Enters.) Hi, I'm Robbie and today I have a really great...

Narfie: (Enters in her normal frantic fashion) Robbie! Robbie! You are not going to believe this!

Robbie: Calm down Narfie. Tell me what's the matter!

Narfie: I am calm! You should have seen me when I was really upset!

Robbie: What's wrong?

Narfie: I'm trying to tell you if you would listen and stop interrupting!

Robbie: Sorry.

Narfie: It's my sister, Marfie! She is impossible!

Robbie: Oh?

Narfie: Im-possible I tell you! I've never seen anyone like her!

Robbie: Your sister's name is Marfie?

Narfie: Yes! Now what does that have to do with anything?

Robbie: Nothing, just that Narfie and Marfie... it's kind of cute.

Narfie: Don't you care that I am so upset? Now listen to what she did.

Robbie: OK. Sorry, Narfie.

Narfie: Now, my great grandma came to visit. She is 87 years old and she has lots of great stories and she always gives us great big hugs!

Robbie: Wow! She sounds like a great grandmother!

Narfie: Hello! Robbie! I just said she is my great grandmother!

Robbie: No, I mean she sounds like a great grandmother! Like, you know, she's a lot of fun to be with.

Narfie: She is. I love it when she comes to town. And I always work very hard to make her favorite dessert, peach pie with extra pecans. She loves it!

Robbie: Mmmm... Sounds good!

Narfie: It is! That's why I'm so upset!

Robbie: Why? You wanted it to be gross instead of tasty? I think you need to back up a little.

Narfie: (Moves back from Robbie) Is that better?

Robbie: No, Narfie, I mean back up to the beginning of your story about the peach pie and your Great Grandma.

Narfie: Great Grandma and Marfie were sitting at the table and Grandma was telling one of her best stories and it was one I had never heard but I didn't get to hear much of it!

Robbie: Why not?

Narfie: Because I was too busy, slaving away making a wonderful peach pie with extra pecans for Great Grandma and us. I started getting really, really mad because Marfie was doing nothing but sitting and listening to Grandma! The last straw was when Marfie was laughing so hard at Grandma's story she almost fell out of her chair.

Robbie: The last straw? What did you do?

Narfie: I walked over to Grandma and said "Listen! I've been working all morning on this pie! All Marfie does is sit and listen to you and laugh! I have HAD IT! Grandma will you please tell her to quit being so lazy and help me with the pie!"

Robbie: What did she say?

Narfie: She said in her calm, Grandmothery kind of voice, "Narfie, Narfie, Narfie. Why do you always have to be so busy. I don't visit all that often and when I do, Marfie always sits down and listens to my stories. Meanwhile you are always running here and there trying to make everything just perfect for me. I would rather not have a pie to eat and get to spend some time with you. I won't always be here, after all."

Robbie: Wow. How did you feel when she said that?

Narfie: That's what just happened. I came running over here to tell you about it. What does it all mean?

Robbie: Well it just means that she would rather have you than the pie. She wants to spend time with you instead of you doing things for her and getting all upset and worried about them turning out just perfect. This reminds me of the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible!

Narfie: What happened to them? Did it involve pie?

Robbie: Nope. Mary and Martha were sisters. Jesus came to visit them around dinner time. While Martha was running around trying to make a perfect dinner, Mary sat on the floor and listened to Jesus teach. Martha complained to Jesus and Jesus told her that Mary had the right idea and that she was enjoying His company instead of trying to work to please Him with a fancy dinner.

Narfie: Wow. That sounds familiar. I think I need to go home and sit and talk with Marfie and my Great Grandma. She is going home tomorrow.

Robbie: Sounds like a good idea. Then tonight before you go to sleep, you can spend a little time talking with Jesus! You can pray to Him!

Narfie: That sounds great! But does Jesus like Peach pie?

Robbie: Say "Bye bye" Narfie.

Narfie: Bye, bye Narfie!

Robbie: (Sighs and shakes head) Oh, boy.