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 Bible Heroes: Joshua

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  • Robbie: Hi, I'm Robbie! Last time I introduced you to Rahab, my friend here in the ancient city of Jericho. She helped God's people to hide while the soldiers were searching for them. In exchange for helping them, she asked that the Hebrews would keep her and her family safe when they came back to take over Jericho. The Hebrew spies told her they would protect her as long as she promised to put a red string in her window. Now back to the story.

    Rahab: Well, Robbie? How were the pancakes?

    Robbie: Dee-licious! Hard to believe that I only at 15 of them!

    Rahab: You had 5 glasses of milk with them too. And a whole bottle of syrup!

    Robbie: Yep. Nothing like a light breakfast! *BURP*

    Rahab: Robbie! Gross!

    Robbie: Sorry. Excuse me.

    Rahab: Hey did you hear that.

    Robbie: Yeah. I said "excuse me!" What else do you want?

    Rahab: No, not your burp! I heard something else! I heard someone talking outside the city wall. Quick, let's get to the window!

    Robbie: Wow! There's a bunch of guys down there listening to that man. He looks like their leader.

    Rahab: And those two right in the front row are the spies that I helped. Good thing I got the red string in the window. Let's listen in.

    (Cut to Joshua standing in the center of the stage and talking directly to the audience as if they are his troops.)

    Joshua: I Joshua have been appointed by God as your leader. Men, we have a big challenge ahead of us. We need to conquer this city of Jericho and God has told me how we must do it. Now, this may sound a little weird at first but just hear me out. We need to march around the city 1 time today. Then we need to march around the city again tomorrow. And then the next day. We need to march around this city once a day for 6 days. (Enthusiastically) On the 7th day, we need to march around 7 times and the priests will blow their trumpets and we will take over the city. Why are you all looking at me that way?

    (Cut back to Rahab and Robbie in the window. Both look surprised.)

    Rahab: What a weird idea! I think I have helped a bunch of loonies!

    Robbie: God works in mysterious ways. You never know what can happen.

    Rahab: I guess we'll just wait and see.

    Narrator: 6 Days later...

    Rahab: (Looking out the "window.") Robbie! Come here. The guys are on their 7th trip around the city. They're stopping.

    Robbie: Hey here come the priests with their trumpets! They're playing!

    Rahab: They've stopped. Now everyone is shouting to the top of their lungs. (both puppets begin to shake.)

    Robbie: Wow. I must be cold all of a sudden. I'm shivering.

    Rahab: You're not shivering... you're shaking! And so am I. It feels like an earthquake. Look! The walls are falling down!

    Both: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! (Frightened, they cling to each other. Soon the shaking stops.)

    Robbie: (Tentatively) Rahab. We're not shaking anymore. (They stop embracing) The walls and houses have all fallen except yours! Woo Hoo! (They hug again.)

    Rahab: All I can say is Praise God! Robbie, this is so amazing!

    Robbie: I'll say. Well, let's go out and talk to Joshua and let him know we're ok.

    Rahab: First, I think I will make another coconut creme pie for Joshua and his men. They would like it wouldn't they?

    Robbie: Yeah! Can I lick the bowl when your done?

    Rahab: Robbie what am I going to do with you! (Exits)

    Robbie: So there you have it kids, Rahab trusted God and God saved her life in the end. She went on to marry one of the spies and many years later, a member of her family, Joseph married a young woman in Bethlem named Mary. Their son's name was Jesus. Awesome story! Back to you Mr. Jason!

    The end!