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Bible Heroes: Moses' Helping Hands

  • Robbie
  • Moses
  • Aaron
  • Hur (A Girl - mainly for the phonetic comedy value)
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  • None
  • Robbie: Hi, I'm Robbie. You know, everyone needs a little help once in a while. Even me! Actually, God gives us friends and family members to help us get things done. It's all part of His plan! Today I will show you what I mean by telling you a story from the Bible. This story is about Moses and it can be found in Exodus chapter 17.

    (Exits as Moses enters but continues to narrate.)

    Robbie: Long ago in the wilderness somewhere between Egypt and the Promised Land, Moses was leading God's chosen people, the Israelites. Moses did a great job, but the people were always complaining. God always told Moses what he should do next and Moses always listened. He always carried His staff, which was like a long stick with him because God had used that staff many times to work miracles. Once God turned it into a snake! Another time, God told Moses to hit a rock with it and water gushed out for the thirsty Israelites to drink. Moses decided to call upon God once again and use his staff when an enemy army came to fight the Israelites.

    Moses: Aaron! Aaron! Come here for a moment please.

    Aaron: (Enters.) Yes, Moses my brother. What is it?

    Moses: We are going to be attacked tomorrow morning. Look over there.

    Aaron: Oh. The sheep? I don't think we have much to worry about. The sheep are pretty happy. They're not going to attack us. And even if they do, my money's on us. After all, sheep aren't all that s-m-a-r-t if you catch my drift.

    Moses: (Irritated.) Not there, There!

    Aaron: Oh. You mean that huge army? Yeah, I think you're right, they look like they want to attack us alright.

    Moses: (Sighs) I'm glad you agree. Anyway, they are going to be here by tomorrow. I've asked Joshua to take our army and meet them on the battle field in the morning. Meanwhile, you and one other person we trust will go up to the top of the mountain.

    Aaron: Good idea! I don't want to fight!

    Moses: You don't understand. We will be going to the top of the mountain so that we can call upon the Lord to help us win! I am going to pray and I need you and another friend there to help me.

    Aaron: Oh, yeah. I knew that.

    (Both Exit, Robbie enters.)

    Robbie: So up the mountain they went. From the top of the mountain, Moses, Aaron and their friend could see Joshua and the Israelite army fighting against the enemies. Moses didn't waste any time in raising His staff over his head and calling on God for help.

    (Robbie Exits, Moses, Aaron and Hur enter.)

    Moses: I call upon the Lord God Almighty! We need Your help, o Lord, to win this war!

    Hur: (Watching down below.) Whoah! You are not going to believe this, but Josh and the boys are winning! The minute you raised your staff and prayed, they started winning the fight!

    Aaron: Amazing!

    Hur: There sure must be some powerful stuff in that staff of yours!

    Moses: It's not the staff. The Lord is blessing us because we are asking for His help! My arms are getting tired. I have to put them down. (Lowers arms.)

    Hur: Uh-oh! Goshen, we have a problem! The minute you put your arms down, the bad guys started pounding our guys. Better put those arms back up, dude!

    Moses: I'm getting tired. I'll try. (Raises arms.) Is it helping?

    Aaron: Yes! It is. Joshua and his team are winning again!

    Hur: Awesome!

    Moses: I don't know how long I can keep this up... literally. What are we going to do?

    Hur: I got an idea, Moses. Sit down, but keep your arms up. Aaron, you grab an arm and I'll grab an arm. We'll hold his arms up until this war is over!

    Moses: Ah, much better. Thank you... um.. what did you say your name was?

    Hur: Oh, I'm Hur.

    Moses: I could tell that much. I know you're not a "HIM" but what is your name?

    Hur: I'm Hur. They call me Hur.

    Moses: Look, if you want to stay anonymous, that's ok with me. But I plan to write a book about this later and I'd like to recognize you by name.

    Hur: My name is Hur. H-U-R, Hur! Not her as in... some girl over there, hey look at her!!! Do you get it now?

    Moses: Oh, heh heh. Sure I get it. Does this mean your brother's name is Him? heh heh.

    Hur: Just keep praying wise guy.

    (Moses, Aaron and Hur exit. Robbie Enters. )

    Robbie: So you see, even a great leader like Moses needs a little help once in awhile. Try to see how many people you can help this week. If you help others, they will help you! See you next time!

    The end!