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Bible Heroes: Noah's Passengers

A SurferDude Monkey
A very distinguished Alligator
None necessary

Robbie: (Enters.) Hi! I'm Robbie. I have lots of stories to share with all of you. Today, I've been imagining what it would be like to be one of the animals on Noah's Ark. Have you ever dreamed about what it was really like on the Ark with all the animals for 40 days? Let's imagine two of the passengers on Noah's Ark are talking to each other about their trip! (Exits)

(Enter the alligator and monkey)

Alligator: Oh, well hello my fine chap. Were you out for a stroll on the deck too?

Monkey: Well, I sure ain't out here fishin' if that's what you mean!

Alligator: (Offended) Oh, well, I never...

Monkey: S'OK, Bud. I was just messin' with ya. Nice night for a walk, eh?

Alligator: Since you mention it, yes. So, you're a monkey then is that correct?

Monkey: You bet your scaly skin, bud! I am not just any monkey though. I'm Duke!

Alligator: (Bows) Your majesty, the Duke! I had no idea I was in the presence of royalty! Forgive me sire!

Monkey: Royalty? Oh! Ha ha. No, bud, you misunderstood. I'm not A DUKE, my name is Duke!

Alligator: Oh. What a relief to know you're not royalty! So where are you from ... Duke?

Monkey: Out west. So how about you? What's your story?

Alligator: My name is Alistair. I am from the Upper Nile area. I decided to board this vessel because God told me I should. My friends thought I had gone mad but I guess they know who had the correct information now.

Monkey: Ch'ya! It was the same with me. I told my buds, I sez "Buds! I need to jet outta here! I'm off like a dirty shirt! I'm gone like the wind, nowhutI'msayin? They said I was loony tunes but I didn't care. It felt like God wanted me to get on the boat.

Alligator: I see. (A Scream is heard) I say! What was that noise? I think I heard a scream?

Monkey: Oh, that was probably Noah's wife. I had a bunch of bananas for lunch and threw all the peelings out the window of my cabin. Sounds like she had a nice trip! Ha ha!

Alligator: I say, young fellow, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! We all need to get along on this trip and not cause problems for each other.

Monkey: Well, I didn't mean anything by it. I was just monkeying around. Heh heh! Get it? I'm a monkey! Monkeying around, I love it! Ha ha!

Alligator: Yes... I'm sure that's very funny where you come from but I don't think you're funny at all.

Monkey: I'm sorry, Al. Can you like, forgive me?

Alligator: Yes, yes. Of course.

Monkey: It's great to be part of God's plan and all. But I gotta tell ya Al, I am really, really sick of the sea.

Alligator: Your sea sick? Well let me get you a bag to...

Monkey: Naw, naw. Listen I just mean I'm tired of being stuck in my little cabin on this boat. Sure there's all the bananas I can eat but... I would give them all away to see a tree again. All we see anymore is water.

Alligator: I agree. I miss standing on the beach and watching the sun set in the distance. I miss the feel of sand under my feet and I miss swimming in the Nile River.

Monkey: Yeah. And I don't mind sayin' that I don't like the roommates they chose for me!

Alligator: Why is that?

Monkey: My roommates are the skunks. I have to wear a clothespin on my nose, twenty-four seven!

Alligator: That is unfortunate. My roommates are the grizzly bears. The mother bear is nice but her husband snores like a rusted chainsaw. Oh well, I guess we should be glad to be safe aboard this vessel and far from harm.

Monkey: Yeah, you're right Al. Whoah! Waitaminnit! Look over there! It's land! Woo hoo!

Alligator: Thank you Lord!

Monkey: Hey! I'll race you to the shore, Al! Surfs up! (SPLASH)

Alligator: Wait for me... um.. Dude! Ha! (SPLASH)

Robbie: Wow. That was great! Well, I guess now we know what it was like on Noah's ark. Last one in is a rotten egg! (SPLASH)