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Stories of Jesus: Palm Sunday Parade, The

  • Robbie
  • Duke the Monkey
  • Props:
  • Tape or CD of Parade music to play in the background.
  • Robbie: Duke! These look like great seats don't you think?

    Duke: Yeah buddy! Sittin' on the curb is like front row seats for the big potato festival parade. Dude, did you remember the skittles?

    Robbie: They're in my pocket. Here have some.

    Duke: Um... no thanks dude, their all melted together in a big wad. Why didn't you leave them in the bag?

    Robbie: Their easier to carry this way.

    Duke: But Robbie, there's like pocket fuzz and stuff stuck to 'em. Are you really going to eat that?

    Robbie: No. I saved them for you. If you don't want them I'll save them. My friend Jenna loves candy.

    Duke: So do I... normally. Hey, what time does this parade start.

    Robbie: Should be any minute. (pauses) Look at all the people standing around waiting for it to start. This reminds me of a Bible story.

    Duke: Dude, everything reminds you of a Bible story. What are you, like a Christian or something?

    Robbie: You bet I am. Aren't you?

    Duke: Well, I don't know. I go to church and stuff (mom and dad make me) but... I don't know about all that stuff. Ain't it just a bunch of rules?

    Robbie: No way. Not my church. It's all about Jesus, Duke! Now, I was saying this reminds me of the time Jesus was riding into Jerusalem. You've heard of Palm Sunday, right?

    Duke: Naw. Is that like an ice cream sundae? Dude, strawberry is my favorite! It totally rocks my world!

    Robbie: No. It is a day we remember the triumphant entry by Jesus into Jerusalem. It was the beginning of Jesus' last week on earth.

    Duke: Oh. Well what happened? Hey wait! The parade is starting. Hey! Check out the clown with the funny makeup and wild hairdo. Ha ha ha!

    Robbie: Duke! That's my mom! She is driving the car with the mayor riding in the back.

    Duke: Sorry Rob. (Acting only remotely interested but hoping to change the subject.) So, what did Jesus do on Thumb Wednesday?

    Robbie: Palm Sunday! He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

    Duke: H-ha ha. No way! No way you're gettin' me to believe Jesus rode into town on a monkey!

    Robbie: No, Duke. Not a monkey I said he rode on a donkey! Jesus rode on a Donkey into Jerusalem!

    Duke: Oh, ok. That I can believe. Why a donkey. Oh cool! Here comes an awesome marching band. That baton twirler is kinda cute huh?

    Robbie: Are you listening to me?

    Duke: Sure, dude.

    Robbie: Jesus rode the donkey because it said He would way back in the old testament. It said that the king would ride on a donkey into Jerusalem.

    Duke: Oh. So Jesus was like... the king?

    Robbie: Yeah, sort of. He was actually the Messiah which was what the Jews called their promised chosen leader who would be sent by God. When the people saw Him coming and riding on a donkey, they knew He must be Messiah and they cheered.

    Duke: So they like yelled "Hip hip hooray. This Jesus-dude is the Guy!" or something like that?

    Robbie: No. Actually, they yelled "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord" and "Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!"

    Duke: Hold it... they yelled "Banana? Bananas when they're ripest?"

    Robbie: No. Listen, they said Hosanna in the highest. Hosanna means "Save us now." in Hebrew.

    Duke: Oh. That's cool. So they thought Jesus was going to save them?

    Robbie: Yeah and He did come to save them but not the way they thought. They wanted a king that would fight for them and help them beat the Romans and kick them out of Israel. Jesus came to save them from their sins... not the Romans.

    Duke: That must have been a bummer for Jesus. Here He is, trying to help all these people and they didn't understand. I want to know more Rob. Tell me more about this Jesus guy.

    Robbie: Sure, but let's finish watching the parade first. I want to tell the rest without any distractions. Hey here come the elephants!

    Duke: Cool... Oh man! Yikes!

    Robbie: Man am I glad I don't have to clean that up!

    Duke: You and me both, bud!

    The end!