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Fruit of the Spirit: The Fruits of the Spirit Part 3: Peace

The Fruits of the Spirit Part 3: Peace
Sid the Snake
Duke the Monkey
Toy Cell phone in Robbie's hand

Robbie: (Enters.) Hi everybody. How are you doing? This is my friend Duke

Duke: Whazzup dudes?

Robbie: And this is my other friend, Sid.

Sid: Hi. I'm Sid.

Robbie: I think you already know Duke but Sid just came to school here recently. He's the new kid. We're all here studying for our big Math test tomorrow. I'm pretty good at math but... (Noise is heard rings) Oh.. hang on. Hello. Yeah. You don't say. uh-huh. You don't say. You don't say! Ok. Bye.

Sid: Who was it?

Robbie: They didn't say. Ha ha. Just kidding. It was my mom. She said a big package just arrived with my name on it. I'm going to go see what it is. I'll be back, get started without me.

Sid: Oooooh-k!

Duke: Ch-ya! No kiddin'! Wasn't it like, Rob's idea to study for the test and what does he do?

Sid: He leaves us here to study. So let's study. Duke, I am worried about this test. Math is not my thing.

Duke: Oh, Dude! I totally, full-out rock at math. Sid-dude, I wrote the book on math!

Sid: You wrote our math book?

Duke: Naw, no. It's just a figure of speech. I mean I am really good at it.

Sid: Oh. Well I'm glad you didn't write our math book because if you did I was going to punch you in the nose!

Duke: Yikes!

Sid: Well, give me a break! Listen to this story problem from our math book: A train is going 100 miles an hour down a track that is 400 miles long. How many hours before the train gets to the end of the track?

Duke: Easy! 4 hours!

Sid: I know the answer is 4 hours, Duke but what happens when the train gets to the end of the track! Does it crash? Does it drive off the end of the world? Are there passengers on board! Are they hurt? What if they don't have any band-aids on the train? Don't you care about any of that?

Duke: Sid, you seriously need to chill out, bud. You're totally upset about this story problem and it's like, only make believe.

Sid: (screaming and very upset) Upset?! I am NOT upset!

Duke: Ok, ok. So back to what you were sayin'. Why are you scared of the test tomorrow. You knew the answer to the train problem.

Sid: But what if my pencil breaks during the test? Mr. Jones is not going to let me sharpen it or get another one. He's also not going to let me use crayons to finish the test. And what if I get locked in the bathroom when I am trying to get ready for school and I scream and scream and nobody hears me?

Duke: Uh, Sid? Have you ever heard of the fruit of the spirit?

Sid: No. What's the fruit of the spirit.

Duke: It's in the Bible. Galatians 5:22. One of the fruits of the spirit is Peace. Peace is what you need, dude! And I'm talking big time!

Sid: What's peace? And how is it going to help me?

Duke: There's a whole boatload of stuff in the Bible about peace. It is something that God gives us that lets us know everything is going to be ok. Peace is a feeling that no matter what happens God is still the boss and since He loves us, we are going to be A-OK!

Sid: That sounds great. How can I have peace like that?

Duke: You can do what I did a couple months ago. Ask Jesus into your heart!

Sid: Hmm... Can you tell me more about this?

Duke: Sure. How about we talk about it on the way to the ice cream place.

Sid: Yeah! We can study more later. I want to hear some more about Jesus and the peace of God.

(Duke and Sid exit... A few seconds pass and Robbie enters.)

Robbie: Guys, I'm back. Boy you wouldn't believe the cool super spy telescope I got in the mail. I saved all of my bubble gum wrappers and sent them in and they sent me the telescope! Hey... Guys? Guys? Duke? Sid? Bummer. Kids? Did you see where Duke and Sid went? They went for ice cream without me? Thanks!