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  • "Building" in the background with a string hanging from the window.
  • Robbie: Hi, I'm Robbie! Today I have gone back in my time machine to the old testament town of Jericho. I am waiting for a very special Bible hero to show up. Her name is Rahab. She runs this hotel right here behind me. A couple nights ago, she had some very special guests staying with her. Here she comes now. Hi Rahab!

    Rahab: Robbie! How are you? It's so good to see you!

    Robbie: So tell me Rahab, what happened a couple nights ago?

    Rahab: Not much, I just was sitting and reading the daily news tablet and eating some pieces of goat's cheese and bread when I heard a knock at the door.

    Robbie: What does goat cheese taste like?

    Rahab: I thought you wanted to know what happened the other night.

    Robbie: Sorry. I skipped breakfast and cheese sounds pretty tasty, even if it is goat's cheese.

    Rahab: I went to get the door and stopped along the way to check my pot roast that was cooking in the oven. It looked really good and I couldn't wait to try some.

    Robbie: (Makes a roaring sound) Excuse me.

    Rahab: (Sounding disgusted) What was that?

    Robbie: My stomach. I told you, I haven't eaten. First you talk about yummy cheese and then pot roast. Could you please not mention food anymore?

    Rahab: Sorry Robbie, I'll try not to. Anyway, I went to get the door and these two guys were at my door. One of them was finishing up a hamburger and...

    Robbie: Rahab!!

    Rahab: Sorry. They said they needed a place to stay and they needed to hide from our soldiers and guards. I was thinking "Oh, great. They're probably criminals or something.

    Robbie: Wow. We're you scared or what?

    Rahab: A little. I offered them some of my roast so we could sit down and talk.

    Robbie: Ohhh, the roast. Did you make potatoes with the roast too? And carrots?

    Rahab: (Getting frustrated) Robbie! I thought you wanted to talk about anything but food! I'm trying to tell a story here!

    Robbie: Ok, ok. Sorry.

    Rahab: So they told me that they were on a mission for a man named Joshua. He was God's chosen leader for the Hebrews. The two men told me that they were spies for Joshua and were here in Jericho to see what they were up against.

    Robbie: Up against?

    Rahab: Yep. God has told them to destroy Jericho because it is the only thing between them and their promised land.

    Robbie: Hold the mustard! I mean hold the phone! What's the Promised Land?

    Rahab: That's the land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob long, long ago. God told them that they would be given this land to live in.

    Robbie: So they're just about to get it, eh? (Rahab nods) Cool beans! Waitaminnit! You live here in Jericho! If they destroy Jericho then what will happen to you and your family?

    Rahab: I'm getting there. Just as we were finishing up the Coconut creme pie I made for dessert...

    Robbie: I loooovvve coconut creme pie!

    Rahab: There was a knock at the door. It was the guards!

    Robbie: (Gasp) What did you do?

    Rahab: God helped me to think quickly. I took the two men up to the roof of my house and told them to hide under some flax leaves I was drying. Then I ran back down the stairs and answered the door.

    Robbie: What do they taste like? Are they good with salad dressing?

    Rahab: Excuse me?

    Robbie: Flax leaves. They sound delicious.

    Rahab: (Groans) Flax leaves are for making clothes not for eating! Would you please let me finish! (Robbie nods sheepishly.) Good! Now, the guards were looking for the two spies. But I told them that they were here but I wasn't sure where they were now. The guards left and didn't come back. The next morning, the spies were getting ready to leave. Before they left, I made them promise me something.

    Robbie: What?

    Rahab: That they would spare me and my family from destruction when they conquered Jericho because I had saved them from the guards.

    Robbie: Wow! Good thinking! Did they agree?

    Rahab: They did under one condition.

    Robbie: What condition? That you cook for them again?

    Rahab: No! That I hang this red string in my window. That way, their people and their God will know not to touch my house.

    Robbie: Wow Rahab, what a story! So when are they going to come back to destroy the city?

    Rahab: Any day now.

    Robbie: So do you think we have time for breakfast before they get here?

    Rahab: You stinker! Come on in and I'll make you some pancakes!

    Robbie: Awright! Til next time kids... tune in next week to find out what happens next in the story of Rahab, Joshua and Jericho!

    The end!