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Holidays: Thanksgiving Rocks!

Duke the Monkey

Robbie: (Enters sounds.) Hi, I'm Robbie, I'm expecting my friend Duke to show up any minute. He said he might be a little late because he just got a new stereo. It has headphones and it totally rocks, or at least that's what Duke says.

Duke: (Enters - Singing too loudly) Shine! Make 'em wonder what you got! Make 'em wish that they were not, on the outside looking bored! Shine...

Robbie: Duke!

Duke: (Continues speaking too loudly.) H-h-hey Rob! What is up my friend!

Robbie: What's up? Apparently the volume! Why are you yelling, Duke?

Duke: Dude, I am not yelling. I am speaking at my normal volume. Bud, I need to tell you, my new stereo so totally rocks the planet that I can't even put it into words! I was jammin' all last night and this morning to my new Newsboys CD on my new Stereo. Life just doesn't get much better than that, bud!

Robbie: I see.

Duke: So anyway, Rob. What's been happening in your world?

Robbie: Lots of stuff. In fact, I am so glad you asked. My mom and dad took me to get a new pet. Instead of a goldfish like Matilda that died a couple weeks ago, I got a really cool Iguana! He loves to eat fruit and veggies!

Duke: Hold on Rob! Your mom and dad took you out to dinner and you ate iguana with a side of fruit and veggies?

Robbie: What? No! I said that I got a pet Iguana and the iguana likes to eat fruit and vegetables. You didn't hear me correctly!

Duke: Sorry bud. What else is happening?

Robbie: Well, I am going to my friend Jenna's birthday party tonight. She is going to be 11 and her mom and dad are getting her an awesome trampoline for a present. We are going to all jump on it and do some crazy tricks and stuff. It'll be a lot of fun!

Duke: Hmm... that's nice.

Robbie: Last Wednesday morning I took first place in the class spelling bee. I spelled the word "democracy" correctly and no one else could. I got a ribbon for it and everything.

Duke: Hmm... that's nice.

Robbie: (To himself) Try to contain your enthusiasm, Duke! (To Audience) You know what? I don't think Duke can hear a word I'm saying. I think his ears are ringing from listening to his headphones too loud and too long. Watch this. (To Duke) Duke, I am going to go now. I need to go and climb the statue of liberty and jump off it with a helium balloon attached to my head and float down singing the Star-Spangled Banner. You see, I've always wanted to. By the way, your fur is on fire and someone has painted your nose fluorescent green.

Duke: Hmm... that's nice.

Robbie: (Loudly so Duke is sure to hear.) HA!

Duke: (Startled) What?! What?!

Robbie: I knew it! I knew you couldn't hear a word I said because you jammed with your new stereo for too long and too loud!

Duke: Yeah, but Rob, it totally rocks!

Robbie: I'm sure it does, Duke. But you know sometimes we can get too much of a good thing. You listened to the Newsboys, which is fine, I like them too. But you're not supposed to crank headphones up so loud and leave them on for a long time. That can damage your hearing.

Duke: Tell me about it.

Robbie: Well, maybe you can learn something from this, Duke.

Duke: Like what, that my mom and dad are right and I should listen to them when they say "Turn that noise down!" Ch, they don't even call it "music."

Robbie: Maybe you should listen to them. But this reminds me...

Duke: of a Bible story?

Robbie: Yeah! How'd you guess?

Duke: Well, my first clue was you're, like, awake. Dude! Everything reminds you of a Bible story!

Robbie: Oh. Well it kind of reminds me of Balaam and his donkey.

Duke: Great. I remind you of a story about a donkey.

Robbie: No, it's not like that. You see, Balaam was a prophet in Moses day and was gifted with the ability to see what was going to happen. God had given him this ability because he wanted him to use it to help God's people. Instead, Balaam was offered big bucks to help an evil king who wanted to destroy God's people. God used Balaam's donkey and an angel to teach Balaam that greed is not good.

Duke: Greed. I get it. So me wanting to do nothing but jam to my music was kinda like being greedy. Too much of a good thing.

Robbie: Right. You know, it helps me once in a while to look at all the things I have and the things God has given me and say thanks. I say it in prayer and sometimes I even write it out in my journal.

Duke: That's a cool idea. Maybe tonight I will leave my jammin' stereo alone and do some "Thanksgiving" instead. No reason to wait until Turkey Day.

Robbie: Hey, that reminds me! This week is Thanksgiving! Before we go, Duke, let's wish the kids a happy Thanksgiving!

Duke: Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some extra turkey for me, ok buds? Thanksgiving rocks!

Robbie: Happy Thanksgiving!