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Holidays: The Perfect Gift (Adapted from The Gift of the Magi)

Robbie (a boy)
Reggie (a girl)
Narfie (a friend of Reggie's)
Store owner
Gramps (storyteller)
Video game system
Video Game cartridge or CD
Charm bracelet

Robbie: Hi! I'm Robbie, and today we have something very special planned for you! It is a classic Holiday story re-told in our own words. It is based on the short story written by O. Henry called the Gift of the Magi. Without further ado, Robbie and Company presents "The Perfect Gift." (Exits)

Storyteller: (Enters) Once upon a time, there were 3 bears... wait a minute. Wrong story. Heh, heh, having a senior moment there. Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Regina. Her friends called her Reggie.

(Reggie enters wearing her charm bracelet.)

Now just what kind of a name is that for a girl, anyway? I'll tell you, this world is going... well, let's get back to the story. Reggie was a pretty young thing and she was especially fond of her favorite piece of jewelry. It was her most prized possession. It was a charm bracelet. She had collected charms over the years and each one meant something special. She wore it everywhere she went.

Reggie: Hi, I'm Reggie and I like wear this bracelet everywhere I go. It's my, like, most prized possession.

Storyteller: See? What'd I tell ya. Now Reggie had a really dear friend named Robbie.

(Robbie enters.)

They were the best of friends and always did things together. Robbie, like Reggie didn't have a lot of stuff or money but he had his most treasured possession which was his video game system. He only had 1 game for it, but he played it all the time anyway. Sometimes Reggie would come over and play video games with him.

Robbie: Hi! I'm Robbie.. (Deja Vu!) Hi Reggie! Nice bracelet!

Reggie: Thanks Rob.

Robbie: Well, gotta go play my video game! It's my most prized possession! Wanna come with me?

Reggie: Nope, can't today Rob. I'm gonna go to the mall with Narfie. Got some Christmas shoppin' to do.

Robbie: Ok. Bye! (exits.)

Reggie: Later, Rob.

Storyteller: Soon, Narfie showed up and they were off to the mall. (Exits.)

Narfie: (Enters) Hi Reggie! Who was that guy?

Reggie: I don't know. He was kind of giving me the creeps. My hand was on my mace can just in case. You ready to like haunt the mall?

Narfie: Sure. I hope it's not too busy. Crowds really freak me out!

Reggie: Narfie, Cheez Whiz freaks you out. C'mon, let's go.

Narfie: What's wrong with a little caution? Does anybody really know what's in Cheez Whiz?

(Reggie and Narfie exit)

(Storyteller enters.)

Storyteller: So off to the mall they went. It was the height of the Christmas season and with only $1.78 in her pocket, Reggie wasn't having much luck with her shopping. Ya see, she wanted to buy something extra special for Robbie. What she really wanted for him was a new video game disc, Super Duper Road Rally 3000! It was the latest and greatest game and Robbie had talked about it non-stop when it first came out. $1.87 was nowhere near enough to buy it...

(Reggie and Narfie enter)

Reggie: Well, duh! Do you have to like rub it in, dude? Why don't you take off? Go narrate a documentary or somethin.'

Storyteller: You know, storytellers just aren't properly appreciated anymore. (Exits.)

Narfie: What are you going to do, Reggie? This is awful.

Reggie: Tell me about it. My feet are like killing me. Let's check out this place.

Store Owner: (Appears) Hi Ladies. Welcome to Smith's Used Stuff Store! I'm Smith! Something you are looking for in particular?

Reggie: Ch'ya. A miracle. I need the Super Duper Road Rally 3000 game but all I got is $1.87.

Store Owner: You weren't kidding about that miracle. Heh heh. Seriously, I have that game here and since it's used I'm not charging full price but I can't let it go for $1.87. Still...

Reggie: Why are you looking at me like that?

Store Owner: Oh, I'm not looking at you, Miss. Just admiring your bracelet. That's a nice piece of jewelry!

Reggie: How nice?

Store Owner: Even up trade for the Super Duper Road Rally 3000 nice.

Reggie: Deal.

Narfie: Reggie! Not your bracelet!

Reggie: He really wants that game, Narfie.

Store Owner: Alrighty, here is the game, and I'll take the bracelet. Hey, and you still got your $1.87, just like at Mickey D's! Change back! Heh heh! Merry Christmas now. (Exits.)

(Reggie and Narfie Exit and the Storyteller enters.)

Storyteller: So Reggie traded her bracelet to Smith for the Road Rally Game. Excited about having the perfect gift, she jogged over to Robbie's house. Narfie had gone home to put out some Cheez Whiz and crackers for Santa and the Reindeer.

(Storyteller exits, Robbie and Reggie enter.)

Reggie: Rob!

Robbie: Oh, hi, Reggie. Hey, I got your present right here.

Reggie: Oh no you don't. I totally have to see your expression when you open yours. I just wrapped it in Newspaper. Hope that's ok?

Robbie: Sure... but hey, waitaminnit! Where's your special bracelet?

Reggie: It's around. Look, are you gonna open the present or are we playin' 20 questions first?

Robbie: Ok, Ok. Here goes. (Opens the gift and pauses.) Oh... wow! Oh wow... Oh, wow, Reggie! This is... it's the Road Rally! Super Duper Road Rally 3000! It's the best gift I've ever gotten! Quick... open yours!

Reggie: If you insist! Ha ha! (Opens and she too pauses. At first is thrilled then sobered.) Aw, Rob! This is ... beautiful. The most awesome, righteous, totally sweet dolphin-shaped charm I've ever seen! For ... my charm bracelet.

(There is an awkward silence and then they both start to talk at the same time then stop.)

Reggie: (Clears throat to regain composure.) Um.. Rob?

Robbie: Yeah, Reggie?

Reggie: You sold your game system to buy this, didn't you?

Robbie: Yeah, Reggie. And I suppose your bracelet is "around" like you said but not around here?

Reggie: Yeah.

Storyteller: (Unseen) Just then there was a knock at Robbie's Door.

Robbie: Come in!

Store Owner: (enters carrying a bag.) Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas! I think I have somethin' for both of you!

Robbie and Reggie: Smith!

Store Owner: Yep. Here. I believe this game system belongs to you, sir. And Miss, I think this bracelet is just your size.

Robbie: (stunned.) But?

Reggie: Have you flipped out bud?

Store Owner: Nah, see you two came to me today and both gave up something very special for each other. I think that's cool. So cool in fact it got me to thinkin.' I said, you know what Smith, Christmas is not all about fancy gifts and spending money. It's about loving each other and giving because of that love. After all, God gave us His son, Jesus. Jesus came to earth just for you and me, loved us so much that He died for us. And that's what Christmas is all about. After thinkin' all that, I decided to do a little giving of my own... so, Merry Christmas!

Robbie: Thanks, Smith!

Reggie: Yeah, thanks bud! Hey Rob, your folks are having a big dinner tonight, right?

Robbie: Yeah, turkey and everything! Smith, have you got any plans?

Store Owner: Nope.

Robbie: Then I say we have some turkey and spend the rest of the evening having the biggest Road Rally Tournament ever!

Reggie: Alright! Let's Rock!

All: Merry Christmas! God bless!