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Doghouse for Sale

Cover of Book: Doghouse For Sale - Donna Lugg Pape & Tom Eaton

One of my favorite childhood books was Doghouse For Sale by Donna Lugg Pape and Tom Eaton. Spoilers for the story follow, but they are for a purpose and you will still want to experience this book for yourself, trust me.

In the book, our hero, Freckles decides he's tired of the same ol' 4 walls and puts his house on the market. He gets a lot of looks but nobody wants to buy the house. One by one, potential buyers tell him what shabby thing about his homestead he could fix up to make it more appealing. He does this and after several improvements, and also, presumably, racking up quite a tab at Dog House Depot, Freckles decides that his house is so awesome, he's just going to keep it.

Freckles' story is also my story.

I tried to sell this domain, thinking it might fetch a decent price, but nobody wanted to buy it. So I got to thinking and like Freckles, I decided this old home (page) was part of who I am. So here I shall stay. And also like Freckles, I hope to also be sprucing this place up. Stay tuned!

Puppet Skits

I wrote some puppet skits for doing puppet shows at church or just for your friends or family. They are yours to use and modify as you see fit. Help yourself!

I wanted to offer just a quick word of caution, though. I wrote them in the early 2000's and I fear they have not aged well. Some of the jokes and expressions used are probably pretty dated. I had taken them down because of this with the intention of someday updating them to be more modern or perhaps even timeless, but I didn't. Still, several people have asked about them so I have brought them back. They are not mine, they are God's and they are yours, so do what you will, but I do hope you'll enjoy them. Also, if you have any comments or questions or suggestions about them, please get in touch with me at I would love to hear from you!

So much talking! Take me to the puppet play scripts already!

Waterbrook Christian Academy

Live reasonably close to the Flint, MI area and looking for a great Christian school for your K-12 children? Try Waterbrook Christian Academy!

Encouragement with JoyBell

Are you seeking encouragement? Let me refer you to my friend, JoyBell's web site called