Jason's Puppet Skit Archive

All the skits available below were written by me (Jason Justice) and are here free for you to read, print, share, and/or perform. Check out the popular 10-part Galatians 5 "Fruit of the Spirit" skit series which begins with "Love" and finishes up with a review of the series!

These skit scripts are all free and available for your use in Children's ministry. I wrote them all and am offering them here for your use if they can be of any use to you. If they aren't exactly on-target for your needs, feel free to change them. If you have any questions about the scripts, please email me at jason@sammson.com.

The Fruit of the Spirit

Heroes of the Bible

Life Issues

Special Occasions

The Life and Ministry of Jesus

The Disciples 4-part series

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You have some great skits here! Do you have any more you're not sharing?
A: Nope. Unfortunately, everything I've written is here. I haven't written anything new since 2010 but I have to say that I've been getting a lot of requests to write more. I appreciate those, so keep sending them and who knows what may happen?