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Stories of Jesus: The Disciples: Matthias


Robbie: Hi, I'm Robbie. When Jesus was about 30 years old, He began teaching the people about God and about how they could be saved. He also went from place to place healing the sick, raising the dead and performing miracles that only God could do! It would have been great to travel with Him. In fact, I want to take you with me back into time through the power of our imaginations to meet the men who walked with Jesus and saw Him teach. These men were called the 12 Disciples. Let's go!

(Funny sound is heard to indicate traveling in time. Matthias appears.)

Matthias: Wow! Strange weather we're having! Little kids falling out of the sky!

Robbie: Oh. Hi! My name is Robbie. I am from the future and came back to talk to people who met Jesus and walked with Him in person!

Matthias: Hello Robbie! It is so good to meet you and your friends! My name is Matthias and I am one of Jesus Disciples.

Robbie: Wait a minute... I remember the disciples from Sunday School and... well... you weren't on the list.

Matthias: Ah yes. You probably learned that little ditty about Two S's for Simon Peter and Simon. Two T's for Thomas and Thaddeus, four J's for James, John, James, Judas, and MAP N for Matthew, Andrew, Philip and Nathanael.

Robbie: Something like that. So... what's your story, Matthias?

Matthias: Well, as you may know, one of Jesus 12 betrayed him. He showed the soldiers where they could find and arrest Jesus. Do any of the children know this wicked disciple's name?

Robbie: Do you know kids?

Matthias: That's right, Judas. Judas Iscariot was his full name. Well, after he betrayed the Lord, he felt so bad about it that he killed himself.

Robbie: Wow!

Matthias: Very sad, really. After Jesus rose again, Peter said that God told him to pick another disciple to replace Judas Iscariot. It had to be someone that had been with Jesus and the other 11 disciples since the beginning; the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Robbie: Who fit that description?

Matthias: Well... that's where I come in. You see there were 2 candidates for the new disciple. There was Joseph Barsabbus known by some people as Justus and ... well... me!

Robbie: How did they decide which of you got it? Did they have a campaign and let people vote like we do in America? You know, I was elected most likely to trip over my shoelaces last year at school!

Matthias: Ah... congratulations. No, it wasn't an election.

Robbie: Well, then did they make you guys wrestle to see who was tougher. DING! DING!(In an announcers echoing voice) I-i-i-n this corner! All the way from Jerusalem, weighing 180 pounds... "Mad Dog" Matthias! And over here, from Joppa...

Matthias: NO! No. Robbie! Listen and I will tell you what they did.

Robbie: Oh. Sorry.

Matthias: They prayed for God to help them choose. And then they casted lots.

Robbie: Lots of what?

Matthias: Casting lots is kind of like rolling dice. They put our names on stones, mine and that of Joseph Barsabbus (also known as Justus) and threw them onto the ground. Can you guess whose lot came up as the winner?

Robbie: Yours?

Matthias: You are correct, sir!

Robbie: That's great. So what happened with Joseph Barsabbus (also known as Justus?) Did he get anything? Like an "I was almost a disciple!" t-shirt or some kind of a runner-up prize.

Matthias: Uh. No. He got nothing. He wasn't chosen. But he kept following Jesus and teaching others about Him just like always. He just didn't get to be one of the twelve.

Robbie: Oh. Well, It's been great talking to you today, Matthias.

Matthias: I enjoyed it too Robbie.

Robbie: The kids and I are going to go now. If you see Joseph Barsabbus (also known as Justus) tell him better luck next time and we still think he would have made a great disciple.

Matthias: I'll be sure to do that. Good bye!

The end!