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Bible Heroes: David and Goliath

Bible Heroes: David and Goliath

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Robbie: Hi, I'm Robbie! I love stories about Bible heroes, don't you? Today we have an especially awesome story about a little boy named David. Maybe you've heard this story before. It's about the time he saved his people from an army by fighting a giant! Let's get into the story...

Once there was a boy named David who lived in the land of Israel. He was the youngest of 7 brothers but that didn't stop him from doing his share of the work. He was a shepherd and watched over the sheep, keeping them safe day and night. When an army of people called the Philistines surrounded the people of Israel, David's brothers went off to fight them. David was told to stay behind, even though he wanted to go too. One day, he got his wish...(Exit Robbie.)

Jesse: (Enters. Speaks with a New Jersey accent.) Hey Dave, where are yous?

David: (Appears from stage right. Speaks with a California surfer accent.) Over here dude, I mean dad.

Jesse: Good, good. I got a job for you Dave. I got a bunch of food for your brothers. They've been fighting them stinkin' Philistines for days now. They've gotta be hungry. I wants yous to take it to 'em.

David: H-h-ha ha. Sure dad! Can I like stay and join the fight?

Jesse: No way, Jose. We need you here. The sheep will be lost without yous. Dat's the last thing we need is lost lambs.(Exits, stage left.)

David: (Disappointed.) No prob, dad-dude. (Quietly while exiting stage right.) Major bummer.

Robbie: (Enters.) So David took the food to his brothers. When David got to the camp where his brothers and the rest of Israel's army was staying, he couldn't believe his eyes. Nobody was fighting and a great big Philistine named Goliath was making fun of Israel.

Goliath: (Exit Robbie. Enter Goliath legs and feet.) You are nothing but a bunch of lily-livered, chicken-hearted, knees-knocking-together COWARDS!!! My great, great grandma could kick your tails without even getting out of her rocking chair. She could even keep knitting and whip you! Ha ha ha ha ha! Chickens. Bok bok bok bok! Come on! When are one of you going to fight me. The sooner you fight me, the sooner you can make us your slaves. Ha ha ha ha ha! As if that would ever happen. I'll bet your God is just as cowardly as you!

David: (Enter David and King Saul.) I brought some grub for the guys. What's this 9-foot tall dude talking about anyway. Why are you letting him call you chickens?

King Saul: Because we're scared! Aren't you? Just look at that guy. He's gigantic!

David: There's one thing I learned a long time ago your highness. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. I'm going to totally wipe him out.

King Saul: Wait! At least put on my armor and use my sword. You need to be protected!

David: Keep 'em, your highness. I have all the protection I need from God and the only weapon I need is right here, baby.

King Saul: But that's only a slingshot and five smooth stones from the creek! (Pauses.) Did you just call me baby?

David: It was just a figure of speech, royal king-type dude. Watch this. (Exit King Saul. David speaks loudly to Goliath.) Ok, Goliath dude. The party is over. I'm your worst nightmare!

Goliath: Ha ha ha ha! You're more like a flea on one of the sheep I count at night to go to sleep.

David: Huh? What are talking about.

Goliath: I'm trash talking you. Trying to scare you. C'mon. Don't you ever watch professional wrestling.

David: Nope. I'm too busy practicing with my slingshot. Take that! POW!

Goliath: (Tips over.) Ooh, look at the pretty birdies.

Robbie: (Exit both. Enter Robbie.) So David defeated Goiliath and the Philistines ran for their lives. This was only the beginning for David. He went on to become the 2nd King of Israel after Saul and was a descendent of Jesus. Remember, just because you may be small, God is bigger than your biggest problem.

The End!