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Stories of Jesus: The Disciples: John the Revelator


Robbie: Hi, I'm Robbie. When Jesus was about 30 years old, He began teaching the people about God and about how they could be saved. He also went from place to place healing the sick, raising the dead and performing miracles that only God could do! It would have been great to travel with Him. In fact, I want to take you with me back into time through the power of our imaginations to meet the men who walked with Jesus and saw Him teach. These men were called the 12 Disciples. Let's go!

(Funny sound is heard to indicate traveling in time. John appears.)

John: Hi, young man! Who are you?

Robbie: My name is Robbie. I am from the future and came back to talk to people who met Jesus and walked with Him in person! Who are you?

John: My name is John and I am one of Jesus Disciples.

Robbie: John! I've heard of you! You were a fisherman like Peter and Andrew!

John: Yes, that's right and I was fishing with my brother James and my father Zebedee when Jesus came by. He said "Follow me!" and James and I did. I gave up fishing that day to follow Christ.

Robbie: (Looking around.) Wait. This doesn't look like Israel. And what's that I hear, sea gulls?

John: Yes. We are on an island. The island of Patmos. I was put here because I was preaching the Gospel... telling people about Jesus Christ.

Robbie: Wow. How did that happen?

John: I spent many years after Jesus rose again teaching others about him. I wrote about it in the Book of John. It is the 4th book in the New Testament. I wrote it to tell everyone that Jesus was the Son of God!

Robbie: Oh! So you are the same John that wrote the Gospel of John that is in our Bibles. That's awesome.

John: That's right and you may not know this but I also wrote 3 letters that are included in the Bible called 1st, 2nd and 3rd John. These were written to some of the churches I helped to start. I had to write to them to tell them to remain strong in their faith and keep believing and telling others about what Jesus had done for them.

Robbie: Cool. I bet they liked that! But letters? why didn't you just send E-Mail.

John: (Confusedly) E... Mail?

Robbie: Oh. Yeah. Nevermind.. So, these letters you sent, I bet the church really liked hearing from you!

John: They did. And it wasn't a moment too soon. They were starting to believe lies that were coming from false teachers. These were people who pretended to be from God but really were just interested in their own success and glory.

Robbie: Wow. That's scary. It's a good thing God told you to write those letters. You wrote a lot. Were there any other books you wrote that are part of the Bible?

John: One more. And I wrote it right here on the Island of Patmos. It is called Revelation.

Robbie: Revelation. That's the very last book of the Bible. Isn't it kind of hard to understand?

John: Well, yes and no. A lot of that book was written during a vision that God gave me. A vision is like a dream only it is from God and can happen anytime of the day or night. In this vision, heaven came down to me and I saw lots of things. They were amazing things that God wanted to tell me about and show me so that I would write them down for everyone to read.

Robbie: What is the book about?

John: Well, Robbie, it starts by talking about 7 churches and their good and bad points, but most of it is about the things that God showed me. It all had to do with things that would happen in the Last Days. The Last Days are the days before Jesus will come back to take His people (the ones who have accepted him as their Savior) up to Heaven.

Robbie: Wow. You know, I looked at Revelation once and got scared. It was talking about a dragon with 10 horns and a monster from the sea and earthquakes and things!

John: Yes. It can be a scary book to read but if we have Jesus in our heart and life, we don't need to be afraid. If you want to read Revelation, you should ask your pastor, sunday school teacher or parents about things you don't understand because some of it will seem almost like a faery tale.

Robbie: Hmm. Well maybe I will take another look! Well, John. What is your favorite memory about when Jesus walked on earth with you and the other 11 disciples.

John: Hmm... that is a tough one. Every day with Jesus was a miracle. But there was that one time. We were out in a boat and a big, big storm came up. It got really dark and the winds were raging. All of us were terrified! Except Jesus! He was asleep!

Robbie: Asleep? In the middle of a storm? I can tell you where I'd be! I'd be hanging over the side of the boat going "Whoaaaaaahhhh!!!" and trying to keep from losing my...

John: Right... Jesus was asleep as I said and one of us said "Master! Don't you care if we die?!" So He woke up, stood up and said "Peace. Be still." And the clouds broke up, the sun came through and everything was calm. Jesus proved He was God to me that day. Even the wind and the waves had to do what he said!

Robbie: Wow. That is really awesome! Oh, I guess we should go now, John. It was great talking to you. We'll think about you every time we read one of the books you wrote!

John: God bless you, Robbie. Oh and don't step on that crab.

Robbie: Crab? (Looks down and screams) Owwww! (Runs around.) He's got me! He's got my toe! Aaarrrggh! (Runs off the stage.)

John: (Shakes head and exits.)

The end!