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Bible Heroes: A Nice Bowl of Soup (Jacob and Esau)

Note from Mr. Jason: There has been some controversy and confusion over the hissing of Jacob in this story. There needn't be any confusion and you can feel free to delete any extraneous S's. The reason they are there is that this was the first puppet script I ever wrote and at the time I had 3 puppets in my "arsenal." One was a snake and the other was a lion. Jacob was the snake and Esau the lion. The hissing voice added some humor and perhaps a glance at the methods Jacob used to hasten along the fulfillment of God's promise about his life. Hope this clarifies the hissing somewhat.
God bless,

Robbie: Hi. My name is Robbie and I am going to tell you a story about 2 brothers. This story comes from the Bible.

Once upon a time there was a man named Isaac and his wife named Rebekah. They wanted to have a baby but so far they had none. Isaac and Rebekah prayed to God for a baby. God answered prayer and soon Rebekah was expecting twins!

She could feel the twins wrestling in her tummy. She prayed and asked God what was going on. God told her that the twins would not get along and would go their separate ways and the youngest son would boss around the oldest.

Soon, the babies were born and Rebekah named the first one Esau because he was red and really, really hairy. I mean he was hairier than a grizzly bear... he was so hairy he...

Mr. Jason: Robbie!!

Robbie: (ducks behind curtain) What?

Mr. Jason: Just stick to the story.

Robbie: Sorry. (back out front) Sheesh what a grouch! Where was I? Oh, yeah. Rebekah named the second son Jacob because it means "heel grabber" and he was grabbing the heel of Jacobís foot when they were born.

The two boys grew up and were very different. Esau loved to hunt. Jacob loved to stay indoors and read. Isaac loved his son Esau because he liked to eat the food Esau caught while hunting. Rebekah loved her son Jacob because she knew the plans God had for him to be a mighty ruler.

When someone was born first they were given what was called the birthright. The birthright meant that when you got older, the familyís stuff was given to you. One day Jacob who was very sneaky had cooked up a plan. Letís watch"

Jacob: Hum hum hum... This is s-s-s-some really great s-s-s-stew Iím making here. (Tastes it) Mmmmm... Not bad. Needs-s-s-s a das-s-s-sh of s-s-s-salt.

Esau: (rushing in) Jacob, Jacob my brother! I am starving! Iíve been hunting all morning and have not caught anything and I havenít eaten breakfast yet. I am so hungry!!!

Jacob: (Calmly) Gee Esau, thatís too bad. Too bad you canít have s-s-s-some of this s-s-scrumptious s-s-stew Iím s-s-stirring. Itís delic-c-cious-s-s.

Esau: Please, share your stew! I am dying of hunger.

Jacob: I could s-s-s-share my s-s-stew if... you give me your birthright.

Esau: No Way! Iíll starve first.

Jacob: S-s-suit yours-s-self.

Esau: Wait. Fine, what good is my birthright if Iím not around to use it.

Jacob: Good choic-c-ce. Shoups on! (Slides the bowl to Esau.)

Esau: (Eats stew) Delicious. Needs salt though.

Robbie: And that is how Esau gave his birthright to Jacob. That was the first step in Jacobís plan to be a great ruler.